Just a decoded part of me

I think BRAUM is realted to the Woad tribe, like look at Darius the woad king, they have kinda the same outfit and tattoos, and he has this quint thingy on his belt


me driving away from your shitty opinion


hey, i saw that you've got some skins. i was wondering if you could give me to try in my server (BR). please =/ i've been looking for some the hole week :x

Sorry i don’t even remember the codes, i got them from a stream,they put the codes in the chat and you have 0,00001 seconds to use it or someone else will, sorry :/


but what is matty healy doing in the music video


When niall changes to Liam, i just can´t


my last word will probably be either “whoops” or “shit”

and eventually “damn” 

so let’s tak about how shitty and weak is hecarim right now, like really the “the shadow of war” is so fucking ridiculous, it’s not tanky, his attack is…weird, anyway

Hello! and sorry about bothering you but can I have your used codes? they could work in LAN server! pleeeease~? Thank you so much!

i totally would, but im from LAN too, sorry